December 22, 2015

Booking Info

Do you want to play the Focal Point?

Send an e-mail with “Focal Point booking request” and your name in the subject line to the person who best fits your style of folk music.

Please include music samples and any pertinent website or social media information. Also, be advised that we typically book approximately Eight months out, and that the only available dates are Fridays and Saturdays.  You can see dates that we already have booked at the end of our “Concerts” page.

David Stein (General & World) [email protected]

Eileen Gannon (Traditional Irish) [email protected]

Michael Holtz (Traditional Jazz, Ragtime & Blues) [email protected]

Jim Nelson (Traditional old-time and bluegrass music) [email protected]

Geoff Herman (Contemporary Americana & Singer Songwriter) [email protected]

Ryan Koenig (Traditional Country & Western/Polka) [email protected]