December 22, 2015

Weekly Events

Sunday afternoons

at 3:30, the River Rats Border morris team practices and welcomes newcomers to their sessions;

Sunday evenings Aug 21, Sep 18, Oct 23, Nov 20, and Dec 18:

TANGO, beginning 6PM.

Third Mondays

of every month: Irish set dance, open to all;

Fourth Mondays:

English country dancing happens.

Mondays not taken by English or Irish dancing:

you can find Cotswold morris dance practices.

Fourth Tuesdays:

we host the St Louis Poetry Society;

Second Wednesdays:

we have Cajun dances hosted by Donna Eckberg.

Third Wednesdays:

Songbird Cafe, with its variety of singer-songwriters: visit


there is a jam session, which also welcomes all comers.

For River Rats Morris call Judy at 314-560-2778
For Tango email Russell
For Cajun/Zydeco dancing contact Donna at 314-822-0310 or
For English country dancing call Paul at314-288-9105 or
For Irish set dancing call Erin at 314-607-3806
for Acoustic Jam contact Dan at 314-968-7064 or,
For Songbird Cafe go to
and for The Capering Roisters Morris call John Long at 314-647-1804