Covid-19 Safety Practices
Effective 3/16/2022

According to the St. Louis County Department of Public Health, the county has reached a low level of transmission of Covid-19 as defined by CDC guidelines*. As a result, we are no longer requiring proof of vaccination or testing and masks for most shows. However, exceptions may be made for individual shows at the request of a performer. These will be announced on our website and social media platforms if they occur.

We may reinstate these requirements in the future if infection rates rise.
Although masks are not required, we encourage their use for those who desire the extra protection they afford.

A factor in this decision is our ventilation system. Our system has been upgraded to accept MERV13 filters, which are recommended as effective in removing particles of the size that carry the virus causing Covid-19**. HVAC fans will be set to run continuously while the building is in use, under which conditions the system is rated to recirculate a room-full of air through the filters 12 times per hour, plus completely replace a room-full of air with outside air once per hour.

Focal Point will continue adhere to any future recommendations or regulations from the St Louis County Department of Public Health.